Bewilderment of life, passions of affection, and loss

I have not abandoned the sensation of hope, or the bewilderment of life, and of passionate affair, of tenderness and deep-rooted affection.

This world offers constant motion, sometimes a gentle touch of a lover’s hand, and at times the fury of the juggernaut, where nature hammers whole settlements of civilized population.

Senses within me and others and in all things around us, they maintain that motion.

I recall the memories of what made me what I am now, more than two decades ago, in the extreme humidity of Malaysia. I teased Earth, I taunted fate with new glaring, angry eyes and a sensual smile.

I saw the world, then, ripe for change, where my fingers could shape the mould of my destiny.

I owe no one, now, nor am I in debt to the world, this realm, for that moment where I saw eternity, and loss.

Rohingya refugees are neglected by regional xenophobia

Rohingya. An oppressed stateless community, courtesy of regional xenophobia, racism and a prevalent caste system that robs them of their identity.

Art work by @akrockefeller
Art work by @akrockefeller

As reported by Aljazeera, there are 37,000 Rohingya in Thailand who fled anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar (Burma), and 8 have died in detention centers.

There seems to be a lack of organization on the handling of refugee cases whether from the immigration department or the human rights organizations based in Thailand. And what about the needs of the Rohingya community? As per my discussions with refugees since 2011, they are keen to travel to Malaysia and or even to Indonesia, and have no intention of permanently living in Thailand.

Yet the politics of borders, and the reality of racial-prejudices by the Malaysian government, ultra Melayu nationalists and societal disdained of refugees, the Rohingya have very little opportunity. Malaysia, among others, do not recognize the word “refugee” and instead see anyone without legitimate travelling papers as “illegal immigrant” – something that UNHCR and local NGOs are aware but can’t or won’t do anything to convince the govt.

So in the mean time, Rohingya and other minority refugees will continue to live in Thai detention centers and every day they will pray for Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country, to accept them based on humanitarian grounds, that is what is to be expected from Muslim solidarity that is professed during the many lavish Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) conferences… but in truth, not practiced.

Confusing patterns of behavior that stimulates our mind

Thainess, that word that seems to confuse the whole lot of foreigners and locals alike. “Thainess” a word that usually ends an argument, or starts one, or somewhat an oral gesture to answer a riddle to the complexity of what describes the behavioral traits of the Thai people.


I’ve been travelling to Thailand on a regular basis, since 2011, yet the logic behind the Thainess-concept defeats me. Not that I find Thai people extremely confusing, it comes to no surprise of their bizarre character and intellectual qualities, or to some, the lack of it.

I hail from Malaysia, and even though my country’s 28 million population is small compared to Thailand’s 70 million, we Malaysians are known for our adrenaline-infused oddities and wicked sense of ironies, more so than the Thais simply because we’re expressive.

Conflicts of character, such is expected from an arrogant society such as in Malaysia. In many ways, its what one would easily find in Indonesia, the Philippines, ah that island called Singapore and let’s not stop there, you’ll find doses of inherited traits in Australia, United States, and the whole of Europe. Point is, Thainess, is a similar behavior of what bullshit you can find in other countries. No exception.

The challenge for Thais, unlike Malaysia for example, is that many of them can’t articulately communicate in English, that former-colonist language that we Malaysians are so stuck-up on. As such, the Thais can’t respond, retaliate to every query, insult or taunt or they don’t care. Or perhaps due to nationalistic superiority that they feel towards us Malaysians and the rest of the world. But then again, who the fuck cares.

As for Malaysians, we glorify in debates, well most of us that is. We specialize in the art of subjugating ourselves with profanities that make sense and illogical philosophical wisdom. Why? Simply because we can.

As for the Thais, oh well… its that Thainess I guess. Who knows.


Entertaining the demands of Barisan Revolusi National

ThaiSouth, that part of the country that sees violence and human rights violation on a ghastly almost-daily basis. Such regular acts of carnage have affected the lives of the sturdy folks in the southern parts of Thailand, and is felt in other provinces where one is able to find a Muslim community. In Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, the three provinces that are terrorized by ultra nationalistic Pattani-Melayu groups, fundamental extremism is not uncommon where representatives of political parties do little to stunt the growth of radicalism.

Art work by @akrockefeller
Art work by @akrockefeller

Thailand’s National Security Council has sent a request to Barisan Revolusi National (BRN), seeking clarification about the five demands, yet I see no point in considering the arrogant demands of a bunch of blood-licking militants that is bent on lubricating the violence against civilians, and slaying people who they see as government informants or alleged conspirators.

Furthermore I believe the NSC should incorporate more civilian representatives, community leaders and civil society into the peace dialogues.

BRN will not change for the better if the Thai govt continues entertaining the Pattani-Melayu group. BRN, after all, seeks “merdeka” (freedom) from what they interpret as living under the fist of a Siamese colonist and will not hesitate to murdering the people they claim to be fighting for.


What would @UNrightswire say to me in the end?

Imagining what the spokesperson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights would say to my many queries and statements on Twitter.

“Everything was okay, until the likes of you mess things up. All was fine in the dream we had created, that white-silk cocoon you’re so inspired to tear apart. Its outrageous, really, the difference between the masses wanting a dream and uncivilised vagabonds like you not wanting to dream.”

Alas, such thoughts should not be entertained.


Our political trust, the prison of our design

Political economy, which is above the layman’s understanding of conventional might, of political circles and simply the doctrine of global imperialism. The entire world monetary system, beyond the comprehension of societal materialism, is what ties the military component to the corporate economy.

The mask it wears, with the bright of patriotism and sympathy of human rights, hides the acidic drool, hides that relish for further carnage, as its hunger consumes the world, nibbling on the colours of our lives.