Confusing patterns of behavior that stimulates our mind

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Malaysia, Philosophy, Thailand
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Thainess, that word that seems to confuse the whole lot of foreigners and locals alike. “Thainess” a word that usually ends an argument, or starts one, or somewhat an oral gesture to answer a riddle to the complexity of what describes the behavioral traits of the Thai people.


I’ve been travelling to Thailand on a regular basis, since 2011, yet the logic behind the Thainess-concept defeats me. Not that I find Thai people extremely confusing, it comes to no surprise of their bizarre character and intellectual qualities, or to some, the lack of it.

I hail from Malaysia, and even though my country’s 28 million population is small compared to Thailand’s 70 million, we Malaysians are known for our adrenaline-infused oddities and wicked sense of ironies, more so than the Thais simply because we’re expressive.

Conflicts of character, such is expected from an arrogant society such as in Malaysia. In many ways, its what one would easily find in Indonesia, the Philippines, ah that island called Singapore and let’s not stop there, you’ll find doses of inherited traits in Australia, United States, and the whole of Europe. Point is, Thainess, is a similar behavior of what bullshit you can find in other countries. No exception.

The challenge for Thais, unlike Malaysia for example, is that many of them can’t articulately communicate in English, that former-colonist language that we Malaysians are so stuck-up on. As such, the Thais can’t respond, retaliate to every query, insult or taunt or they don’t care. Or perhaps due to nationalistic superiority that they feel towards us Malaysians and the rest of the world. But then again, who the fuck cares.

As for Malaysians, we glorify in debates, well most of us that is. We specialize in the art of subjugating ourselves with profanities that make sense and illogical philosophical wisdom. Why? Simply because we can.

As for the Thais, oh well… its that Thainess I guess. Who knows.


  1. I wonder who came up with the word Thainess, a very descriptive yet abstract word indeed.

  2. Unfortunately Malayness or even Melayuness doesn’t have quite the same ring about it 😉

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