Bewilderment of life, passions of affection, and loss

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have not abandoned the sensation of hope, or the bewilderment of life, and of passionate affair, of tenderness and deep-rooted affection.

This world offers constant motion, sometimes a gentle touch of a lover’s hand, and at times the fury of the juggernaut, where nature hammers whole settlements of civilized population.

Senses within me and others and in all things around us, they maintain that motion.

I recall the memories of what made me what I am now, more than two decades ago, in the extreme humidity of Malaysia. I teased Earth, I taunted fate with new glaring, angry eyes and a sensual smile.

I saw the world, then, ripe for change, where my fingers could shape the mould of my destiny.

I owe no one, now, nor am I in debt to the world, this realm, for that moment where I saw eternity, and loss.


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