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Rais Yatim, a Malaysian politician, a member of UMNO, has a warped perception of history, where fantasies are integrated with actual events. At this rate, surely, Malaysia will sink further into the cesspool of ignorance, prejudice and social-suicide. Oh well, ignorance is bliss in right-wing politics I guess. His latest comment on Twitter about Chin Peng is mind-bogging, but then again, that is to be expected.

Praising the Japanese for adhering to "wartime law" during World War Two, despite the atrocities committed.

Praising the Japanese for adhering to “wartime law” during World War Two, despite the atrocities committed.


bedlamfury charity

Quite a nice video, displaying values that seems abandoned nowadays for the self-centered rat race or self-glorification.


malaysia media bias

Ethical dilemmas, torn loyalties and all that rubbish. Malaysian journalists are not without choice, and they have made the decision to do what their masters dictate, from advert-licking editors to kowtowing to political masters.


slum in Malaysia

What will we do without homes?

What if they demolished our house and throw us out?


Out of the ordinary, it seems that indoctrination and those wistful smiles staring at the leader, at a gifted charlatan, very often means suppression of free will and independence from the deliciously addictive norms; that said, instead of expressing oneself in honesty or outward resistance to the light generating from the egotistical messiah, we crowd together, with chanting lips and discard the one factor that makes us human.

Our head and of the heart, free from the mortal chains of obedience, free from the misery we inflict on ourselves as we scavenge the sky from the fear that never comes.