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Romanticism of protesters, when the oppressed revolt against the Institution, most often the government. Yet the protesters in Bangkok are nothing about freedom against oppression nor is it a straight-forward act of resistance against a murderous government.

This protest is championed by a corrupted politician who recently resigned from his position as MP in the Thai parliament. This man by the name of Suthep Thaugsuban who has adopted black, promised the thousands of Yellow Shirt ultra royalists of a return to feudalism. Thailand, similar to many countries in southeast Asia, is struggling against a tide of right wing fatalistic obscenity. Desperate to hold on to power, or demanding for more, politicians and hooligans are teasing their audience, often baiting, with the simple ideology that most think would bring about law and order, and naturally the increase to their already fat coffers.

I saw a video of violence, where men from Suthep’s group beating and kicking three almost-naked men. You should watch this, where ultra royalists inflict repeated blows on defenseless men, brutalizing those who seemly have different views.


Redundancy of the UN, yet governments and banks continue to support oppression, in the name of economic development.



Just where would politics be without those two vital elements, hypocrisy and posturing, non-existent perhaps? The 24/7 news-stream is densely populated with examples of double-standards and cosmetic posing from so-called world leaders, to such an extent that many consume such information with a fatigued resignation, a sense of powerlessness. Yet in truth we have every reason to be motivated to oppose and expose what is an endemic corruption that has made a mockery of democratic principles and human rights values. Take the case of the recent decision by member states of the United Nation’s General Assembly to agree China a place onto the Human Rights Council (UNCRC)

Will striving to promote and defend human rights truly be the core concern of China’s representatives? What of those member states, including the USA, who are effectively bank-rolled by the Chinese economy will they offer any genuine opposition or critique at the…

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Self determination, the essence of humanity.

West Papua Action Network

1) Freedom of expression stifled in Papua: Activists
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Tue, 11/12/2013 12:30 PM | Archipelago
The Papuan Coalition of Civil Society Upholding Law and Human Rights has accused the authorities of stifling freedom of expression in Papua.
"Demonstration as an expression of opinion in Papua has been muzzled. People assembling in a place are even arrested let alone staging a demonstration. That is what has happened in the past several months in Sorong, West Papua, and now in Jayapura," Ferry Marisan, a member of the coalition, told reporters in Jayapura on Tuesday as quoted by Antara news agency.
Ferry was referring to the arrest last week of a number of students demonstrating to reject a draft law on special autonomy at the complex of the Papuan People Assembly (Majelis Rakyat Papua) and at the campus of Cenderawasih University.
Ferry, a director from NGO Elsham Papua…

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