Ultra, the perverted byproduct of fatalistic ambition

Romanticism of protesters, when the oppressed revolt against the Institution, most often the government. Yet the protesters in Bangkok are nothing about freedom against oppression nor is it a straight-forward act of resistance against a murderous government.

This protest is championed by a corrupted politician who recently resigned from his position as MP in the Thai parliament. This man by the name of Suthep Thaugsuban who has adopted black, promised the thousands of Yellow Shirt ultra royalists of a return to feudalism. Thailand, similar to many countries in southeast Asia, is struggling against a tide of right wing fatalistic obscenity. Desperate to hold on to power, or demanding for more, politicians and hooligans are teasing their audience, often baiting, with the simple ideology that most think would bring about law and order, and naturally the increase to their already fat coffers.

I saw a video of violence, where men from Suthep’s group beating and kicking three almost-naked men. You should watch this, where ultra royalists inflict repeated blows on defenseless men, brutalizing those who seemly have different views.


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