Sprouting subversive fascists, of which not only elderly women are afraid

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Thailand
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A Thai friend, who has been living in Bangkok for the past three decades, feels bitter from the carnage of Suthep’s so-called “people’s revolution” which is far from peaceful as indicated by the mainstream media and first hand accounts of the street intimidation. Suthep Thaugsuban, this former deputy prime minister who hails from the democrat party, has isolated himself from reason and logic, preferring the feudalistic banner of stopping the Feb 2 election and replacing the government with his band of “good people” – all unelected of course, and chosen by him in accordance to his brand of politics. Fascism is fashionable, hyped by the bourgeois clans with their paid mercenaries from Surat Thani province in the south.

I asked her a few questions, as we sat in the shadows around the corner to Lumphini park, with thick coffee and kretek.

“So dear, what do you think krub? Do you understand Suthep and all this mockery of his movement?”

Their beliefs fall under democracy and anti-corruption, but they follow Suthep, a corrupt individual that has a warrant out for his arrest. Suthep is using subversive ideals to take over Bangkok by using violence and going against the laws of the current government.

“Not that I am an expert in Thai politics as much as my own country (Malaysia) but do you think Suthep’s horde and the democrats believe in democracy?”

Protesters believe democracy means to elect your own council in order to take charge of the government. How is this possible? Protesters think the rest of the country is poor and uneducated to understand that the current government is wrong, but hire people from the south to come to Bangkok in order to help protest, who live among terrorists and have Muslim beliefs that are just as poor as the rest of the country.

“Ah the southerners, this issue seems unavoidable in the equation of the democrats. Seems when the elites and Bangkok bourgeois need muscle, they use their distant kin from the south. So what about the political “people’s power” slogan?”

Protesters use slogans such as, give power back to the people, when the current government was elected by a landslide vote. They create shirts of doves that promotes peace but have the word ‘uprising’ on the top of it. How can you have peace when you are actively trying to create an uprising? Protesters want to shut down Bangkok, but they use all the amenities the city has to offer. These protesters demonstrate that they have no time to just think on their own for 5 minutes to realize how idiocracy is actually controlling their every movement. It’s a sad day in Thailand due to these protesters putting a standstill to the economy and to tourism. 

“So what do you honestly think Suthep and Abhisit’s democrats fight to eradicate corruption is just?”

Do protesters really believe that corruption would come to an abrupt end as soon as Suthep obtains power and him selecting people to run the country?

“Ah, yes. *chuckle* Not to mention they themselves have not been able to clear their filth (corruption) nor would they want to.”

One of the many discussions, overall with the same issues and concerns, and repeatedly mentioned with clenched fists and flare in the eyes of my friends. I believe Suthep, who is acting out of desperation and isolation, realized that he has put his foot in his mouth, and like many desperate fascists, would rather have the whole country fall with him rather than see peace.

Respect My Vote movement believes in peaceful demonstrations for their right to vote and rejects coups.

Respect My Vote movement believes in peaceful demonstrations for their right to vote and rejects coups.


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