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Before the onslaught of the Songkran festival, I was able to make a journey to Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Chang; known also as elephant island.

Every time I leave Bangkok, anywhere, I find myself feeling relaxed, away from the urban nightmare of bureaucracy, PDRC-fascist politics, rumours of civil war, and the smog. Koh Chang is a delightful island, a calming effect on my mind and body. Perhaps it was also because I didn’t see tall buildings, corporate offices and the mechanical motions of the urban population. I enjoyed the three days in the island; making mental notes of returning. Hopefully soon.


Songkran Madness

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Thailand
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New Year for not only Thailand, but also for most countries in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. Once a humbling experience of respecting water and family, now a celebration of revelries with “armed” locals and tourists. High humidity, the blistering heat aggravating the political moods of Thais though the water-fights of Songkran did temporarily cool the heads of conflicting patriotism amidst the political crisis in the Land of Smiles.

Songkran Madness


In awe of those who fight against oppressive colonists and violent regimes; to regain the land and heritage of identity.

APNS Public Radyo

Summary: Intelligent Aboriginal Radio Exclusive: TheAngryindian speaks with Papua New Guinea PNG activists Bro. Ronny Kareni Melbourne, Australia / and AKRockefeller undisclosed location/ akrockefeller,com about the state of human rights, free speech and the viability of the current independence movement in West Papua. Bro. Kareni is a grassroots organiser working with the the Freedom Flotilla to West Papuaprotest and will attend the Marxism 2014 conference held at the University of Melbourne to defend the rights of PNG First Nations. AKRockefeller is an independent underground blogger focused on thewestern capitalist connections to the political crisis in PNG. The track: ‘Merdeka’ is from AKRockefeller and is based on ‘Papua Merdeka’!, the rallying cry of the West Papuan independence movement. This track is availablefor download here: [ ] — creative commons CC-BY-NC]

Listen/Download: 00:44:22 128Kbps mp3 — (87.4MB) Stereo

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