In the end, the reflection of men upon a city

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Men make cities, frontiers and roads. Men locate, and men exploit resources from nature’s grasp. Men argue over many things, and over religion, language, race and politics. And their, our, quarrels, just like our creations, change the equation of humanity.

Today’s geography is changing rapidly. We see nationalism, fresh ideologies mixed with old ones, the idealism of men, and the flaws of forged thoughts. A great clash of behaviours, this in a way reveals relations between races, between communities rich and poor, great and small, old and new. Rising populations press upon the educated few, their bloated arrogance stimulate that burning desire for bittersweet self-righteousness.

Men armed with old techniques push back those who are made vulnerable, marginalized. Bangkok, hasn’t changed; it will not evolve simply out of survival, it waits for the explosion of anger, of greed; before consuming the inhabitants and leaving most burning feverishly with self-loathing.


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