Faithful to Reality

AKR Zash City of Loss

Life passing by, on wet, slippery roads, sandwiched by old flats with mouldy walls. The working class are usually forgotten in a city such as Bangkok, where urban middle-class fuckery and coupled by their expensive whims take a toll on the struggling population. Bangkok, a colossal city where millions make their home, their livelihood, neglected by the privileged in city hall.

Cost of living is increasing, slowly like an abomination that sucks the aspiration of the people. Rent, petrol, education, and healthcare, such expense that hides the hidden poison of debts. The financial obligation of the individual, her family and to fulfil the basic needs of rights, add to the silence of frustration.

The Thai regime unwillingness to grasp the lessons of the past will further facilitate the hardship of the urban and rural poor. The wheels are set, where even fortune-tellers will not be able to reassure their clients, of the inevitable social meltdown of life.



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