Disposable income beyond the reach of the working class

The working class. Quite often society forgets the presence of the individual who toils under the blistering sun to earn enough money to feed himself, or his family. Street vendors, Thais and migrant workers, are a source of convenience to the middle class, as their mobile presence allows a means to gain a cheap refreshing beverage.

Some coffee street vendors earn about 400 baht a day, depending on the location and their entrepreneur skills. Seems fair enough though one hasn’t taken into consideration of the debts from loansharks, and the impact of the exorbitant rates of interest on the well-being of the working class. Often the small business survives, barely, as vendor and family struggle to repay their financial commitments to the organized crime networks.

Despite it all, most hold at least two source of generating income. Usually the wife will look after the household and supplementing the yields by sewing or selling fruits at the nearby wet market. The cycle of poverty and hardship will continue, even with basic education, as the urban society depends on credentials of class and caste.

Escaping it is never easy, nor is the upper middle class eager to see the poor rise above their station.


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