Ignorance Is Bliss When It Comes To Floods In Malaysia

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

‎Floods, for days in northern Malaysia, with the Kelantan state as the hardest hit by the downpour. Its not difficult to identify the problems affecting the cluster north and northeast states, especially when state and federal governments have placed yearly budgets for so-called flood prevention projects. Not as if we are unaware of the situation, particularly when Malaysia has a small population of 30 million and information is easily accessible.

Despite it all, society and politicians allow the floods to tear into homes, drowning land under the weight of the downpour, the displacement of communities and deaths.

How is it that a country with incredible natural resources and wealth is unable to reduce the destruction caused by floods? We are educated, or at least think we are, and Malaysia is what many international organisations have classified as a “developed nation” with an air of intellectual sophistication.

As the year approaches to an end, tens of thousands in Malaysia have been and are still displaced due to the floods. Urban planning and rural development has failed to protect, nurture society and we have yet to show any maturity when it comes to natural disasters and environmental conservation.

Anyway, now we know, at least for some who claim they didn’t. What’s our next course of action?



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