Laid-back temperament in the district of the working class

Wandering in unpopular spots in Bangkok. So much to see, this laid back part of the city, without the extreme capitalistic monuments and the intimidating presence of shopping malls. So many places to explore. What’s categorised by the middle-class as the poor sections of Bangkok, I find the almost-simplistic life comforting. People here tend to work in small industries and home-based enterprises, from printing shops, sundry, eateries to the street market.

Often this part of the city reminds me of Phnom Penh or many parts of Jakarta. Its common to meet workers from other Thai provinces temporarily living, working here. They rent small rooms for the weekday, and frequently return back to their villages and towns during the weekend. Nearly all are from the working class, with very little evidence of the lower-middle-class residing in the narrow flats.


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