Bangkok Resorting to Curses to Stop Flash Floods

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Bangkok
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As Bangkok struggles against thunderous rainstorms and heavy flash floods, the governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra and his officials resort to numerous desperate acts.

Pic 1

Sign says

Workers for Bangkok Metropolitian Administration placing warning signs in the province.

The sign, states:

The sky has eyes.

Curse. Anyone who throws rubbish here, they and families will suffer throughout their lives. If those who help to clean, their lives will be prosperous forever.


Pic 2

Banners over polluted canals in Bangkok.

Banners over polluted canals in Bangkok.

This banner, which was been placed about a year ago, states:

Those who throw food and trash into the canal, their lives will have problems all the time. 

Those who don’t throw trash into the canal will prosper forever. 


Pic 3

A meme

A meme


I went to Holand to see how they protect against flood.


Many thanks to Teerapol Suksalee on Facebook for the photos.

Hmm, seems the authority, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, is clueless, as always, about flood reduction programs, and have resorted to cursing to deter Bangkokians from polluting the already-bloated canals and drains. He spends loads of baht just to visit the Netherlands in an attempt to learn about floods, aye its bloody ridiculous. He’s also been spending quite a bit on dredging of canals, for contractors to repair the drainage, yet all these and more have failed. So much for BMA’s efficiency and election promises. Fail.

The governor has been confrontational (and edgy) when it comes to his constituents blaming him for doing nothing to stop the flash floods. Its always the pretty boy Abhisit, the leader of the Democrat Party, to save the day by offering regrets to failed promises. Doesn’t seem to calm the raw nerves of the enraged urbanites. Too bad.

Anyway the governor claims the heavy rain was unexpected, which is ridiculous of course. How can he not know of the weather pattern and the pathetic state of his “anti-flood” projects? Isn’t city hall heavily equipped with the best urban Thai knowledge of public administration, especially when floods are a yearly occurrence? What happened to his grand solution of a 100km “smart” tunnel? Or maybe he has been consulting with the wrong fortune-teller? That’s possible.

For the Thais who voted Sukhumbhand Paribatra into office, they should also blame themselves for placing an impatient politician… One who fails miserably every year at the basic fundamentals of good governance.



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