Student Protests During Thai Junta Leader Speech

"I have a question"
“I have a question”

A message (below) from 11th grade student, who protested in a packed auditorium where junta leader general Prayuth was speaking. Parit Chiwarak was forcibly removed by security personnel. Thai police did not charge the teenager, and he returned home after a briefing between his parents and the authorities.

Parit, who is also a student activist from the Education for Liberation of Siam, then posted an open letter to Prayuth.

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

I would first apologize you for my attempt to deliver the open letter of the Education for Liberation of Siam (ELS), of which every words were written with sincerity, without informing in advance. My delivery of the letter might cause you some inconvenient, but to clear myself from any misunderstanding, I would hereby declare this statement to you, and the public.

1. It may be viewed “insolent” or “improper with the place and time” that I did not propose the letter in the normal bureaucratic procedure. However, there is possibility for the delivery of to letter to be late or misunderstood. In order to prevent them, I had to be some indecorous, and I hereby apologize you for this.

2. Some people might came up with ideas that my act was set in favor of some political group, or be motivated with political reasons. To tell the truth, I must inform that the motivation of my (attempt to) delivery of the letter was just sincerity and goodwill to our country and society, and there were no any abettor. My proposal was mere a proposal to replace the subject “civil duties” with philosophy and ethics, which are more effective in nurturing ethic and virtue.

3. I am just an ordinary youth with no extraordinary skills, but I have some courage to express my opinion about Thailand’s education reformation publicly in sake of our country and society. However, there are quite much more people who could not express their own opinions. I would like to propose you and your officers to insist on listening to the voice of everyone, including students like me, with sincerity, as every opinion would finally drive Thailand forward.

Even I eventually was taken to Pathumwan Metropolitan Police Station, I had no personal vengeance the agents who took me in and the officers who performed personal information interrogation with me as they did on their duties and they treated me in proper manner. Finally, I hoped that in the future there would be rights for everyone to express what they believe from the innermost of their heart.

With love and respect,
Parit Chiwarak

Source: Parit’s Facebook


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