Thailand’s Dodgy Election Commission Accuses Thanathorn of Breaching Elections Law

The Election Commission on Tuesday resolved to accuse Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruamgkit of breaching the election law by holding media company shares while competing in the general elections.

Thanathorn will be asked to defend himself on the alleged breach of the law within seven days. Article 98 of the MP Elections Law bans MP candidates from holding shares in a media company after registering in the election.

Thanathorn earlier claimed he had already sold his shares in a media company called V-Luck Media on January 8, as required by the law.

On Monday, the chair of the commission’s subcommittee tasked with reviewing the issue, Pol. Lt. Gen. Yutthana Thaipakdee, resigned, claiming the subcommittee is coming under pressure to rule in a certain direction.

Earlier on Tuesday, Future Forward Party secretary general Piyabutr Saengkanonkkul held a press conference insisting that the Election Commission has no authority to disqualify Thanathorn by citing laws are only applicable to constituency-based MPs and not a party-list MP like Thanathorn.

Piyabutr denied that his party leader failed to transfer shares in the media company in time as required by the election law.

Thanathorn is also currently facing a sedition charge. He is believed to be on his way back to Thailand from Europe as of publication time.

Thanathorn formerly served on the board of Matichon Group, the parent company of Khaosod English.

Source Khaosod English: Election Commission Accuses Thanathorn of Breaching Elections Law

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