Thai Regime to Retain ‘Attitude Adjustment,’ But Supposedly Won’t Detain People

The practice of “attitude adjustment” will continue even after the junta is formally dissolved tomorrow, deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said Monday.

Wissanu told reporters the power to detain people without warrants will continue to rest with the counter-insurgency agency operating under the Prime Minister’s Office, but won’t be invoked. Instead, Wissanu said, those who pose threats to national security or the monarchy will merely be questioned and warned.

“No [detention]. No. We’ll continue to invite people to be have [their attitude] adjusted. Well, we’ll make requests and say please don’t [do such actions]. But we can’t detain them,” Wissanu said on Monday afternoon. “It’s okay to retain such power, however, because it’s to oversee peace and order.”


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