Entertaining the demands of Barisan Revolusi National

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Thailand, ThaiSouth
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ThaiSouth, that part of the country that sees violence and human rights violation on a ghastly almost-daily basis. Such regular acts of carnage have affected the lives of the sturdy folks in the southern parts of Thailand, and is felt in other provinces where one is able to find a Muslim community. In Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, the three provinces that are terrorized by ultra nationalistic Pattani-Melayu groups, fundamental extremism is not uncommon where representatives of political parties do little to stunt the growth of radicalism.

Art work by @akrockefeller

Art work by @akrockefeller

Thailand’s National Security Council has sent a request to Barisan Revolusi National (BRN), seeking clarification about the five demands, yet I see no point in considering the arrogant demands of a bunch of blood-licking militants that is bent on lubricating the violence against civilians, and slaying people who they see as government informants or alleged conspirators.

Furthermore I believe the NSC should incorporate more civilian representatives, community leaders and civil society into the peace dialogues.

BRN will not change for the better if the Thai govt continues entertaining the Pattani-Melayu group. BRN, after all, seeks “merdeka” (freedom) from what they interpret as living under the fist of a Siamese colonist and will not hesitate to murdering the people they claim to be fighting for.



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